Systems Thinking

Concept Mapping

Concept Mapping (also Group Concept Mapping) is a participatory-based approach that explores how a group of individuals understands a particular issue. This method combines ideation, idea sorting, and idea rating with advanced algorithms to generate information-rich deliverables. With Polygon’s intuitive tool, the participant’s experience is seamless, unleashing the full potential for interpretation and understanding. Tap into collective knowledge with CM*.


  • User-friendly interfaces accessible on all types and sizes of devices
  • Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)
  • Flexible questionnaires including various question types
  • Simplified card sorting component
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Email and SMS invitation and follow-up
  • Comprehensive documentation of recruitment targets
  • Study tracking dashboard


  • Detailed monitoring of participants’ activities
  • Recruitment targets
  • Documented and open-source analysis libraries
  • Clustering and nonlinear dimensionality reduction algorithms
  • Network analysis
  • Performance indicators
  • Automatic outlier detection
  • Diverse visualisation options


  • Compliance with European (RGPD) and Canadian (PIPEDA) data protection criteria
  • Confidentiality and anonymization settings
  • Data residency in the region of your choice
  • Data protection impact assessment for submission to the data protection commission in your country
  • Collaborator and access level settings


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Systems Thinking

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