Polygon develops data collection and analysis tools focusing on the needs of research teams and the experience of participants. Polygon supports researchers in their projects and helps give shape to ideas.

Polygon was founded in 2011, as part of a Université de Montréal research lab project aiming to develop a map-based questionnaire. Since this first tool to collect spatial behaviour data, Polygon has continued to innovate by developing various products for population surveys and system thinking analysis. For more than 10 years, Polygon has actively contributed to social innovation through research by supporting world-renowned teams in various fields of study.

Polygon brings together researchers, developers, statisticians, geomaticians, information architects and designers to create the research tools of tomorrow.

Meet the team

Patrick Matos
President, Partner, Business Development & Operations Management
Charlérik Lemieux
Vice-president, Partner, Design & Products
Yan Kestens
Founding partner, Scientific direction & partnerships
Bruno Gendron
Development & geomatics
Sandra Matos
Strategy & Content
Alexandre Naud
Development & statistical analysis
Sofiane Mouici
Data collection encoding & adaptation
Marie-Laure Melchior
Customer & Market Development Manager – Europe
Juliane Grigat
Graphic designer
Charlotte Oswald
Customer & Market Development Manager – North America
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