2024 marks Polygon’s fifth year developing tools and solutions for researchers. Naturally, sharing our plans for future enhancements to our Concept Mapping tool is part of our commitment to transparency with our partners.

Our goal of providing tools focused on researchers’ needs continues to be a key focus for us, as do the guiding principles of our product design:

  • validity
  • flexibility
  • reliability
  • security
  • accessibility

Perfecting our CM* analytical capabilities

A major project for improving the analysis process and algorithms is underway and will be the subject of scientific publications.

A new way of presenting ideas

Always looking to improve our tools and solutions, we will be adding the option to display sorting data as a network to make survey results more meaningful. This will allow for a more detailed exploration of the connections between concepts within a concept map. We will also provide a simplified visual representation of partitions (or clusters) to help stakeholders who are not familiar with this type of analysis.

Two new versions coming soon

Research projects are sometimes conducted in remote areas with limited internet access, making participation in concept mapping exercises more challenging. To address this issue, we are developing a version of our CM* tool that can be used offline on a device. This will allow research teams to conduct brainstorming, sorting, or evaluation workshops even where internet access is limited, hesitant, or non-existent.

Further considering the accessibility and usability of our approach, we decided to develop a non-digital version of our tool. This version allows for concept mapping on paper (see fig. 1), which is particularly important in areas with limited digital access or for populations with limited digital literacy.

Fig. 1 It will now be possible to download the printed material to conduct the various steps of concept mapping.

The development of these two future versions will also include a mechanism to ensure easy data transfer for research teams (see fig. 2).

Fig. 2 This mechanism will be integrated into the study management console.

Expressing yourself with images

We are also developing the option to conduct a concept mapping exercise using images (see fig. 3). Participants will be able to select, sort, and rate photos. This feature will demonstrate the versatility of the approach, as participants will be able to use it in conjunction with photovoice or integrate it with other participatory research methods.

Fig. 3 In the coming months, it will be possible to perform the sorting and evaluation step with images.

What language do you speak?

Our platform will soon support all major writing systems, including non-Western languages such as Mandarin, Arabic, and Sinhalese (see fig. 4). Nothing will stop you from conducting a concept mapping exercise in your participants’ target language!

Fig. 4 Our tool will support all currently used writing systems this year.

These improvements will be discussed in several publications in the coming months.

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