A simple way to frame complexity

With Insight Forming

Get answers and move forward. Insight Forming is an easy-to-use concept mapping solution that leverages the power of mixed methods to visualize and analyze how groups understand complex issues.

Join researchers and institutions using Insight Forming to capture people’s understanding and obtain key insights to plan for the future.


An optimal combination of the qualitative and quantitative methods

Insight Forming is based on concept mapping, a participatory approach that brings together different knowledge or representations around a given theme with a group of people. It combines a probing capability, an ideation process, idea grouping and evaluation, and multidimensional exploratory analysis. The visual result is greater than the sum of the knowledge and opinions of individuals.

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Optimal respondent experience

Everything you need for your research project

The Insight Forming was designed to maximize respondent participation by integrating user experience design principles into the core of the product. The interface is optimized to make data collection enjoyable, simple and effective through the ability to participate via conversational questionnaires, accessible interfaces and user-friendly graphics.

Protected personal information

Data security, the foundation of the product

The data collected from participants is your most valuable asset in your project. The Insight Forming collects and secures this information in environments that meet strict RGPD security standards, and allows for full anonymization or pseudonymization, allowing you to focus on your study.

Robust analytical capacity

A rich range of visualization formats

Each project is unique and requires producing the right visual output that will showcase the insights gained from the process. Insight Forming offers comprehensive and transparent analysis tools and versatile, interactive visualization and graphing formats.

Customized support

Beyond our tools

Polygon's multidisciplinary team offers you customized support in the different stages of your project according to your needs. Scientific support during the study to guide you in formulating the questions asked to participants, help in sorting the collected ideas or in choosing the algorithms for your visual representations. Beyond the study, communication, promotion of your study and recruitment of participants can be handled by our teams to maximize the impact and potential of your study.

Fields of application

Whatever your field of research, Insight Forming allows you to draw the conclusions that emerge from the observed data.

Fields of application

Uncover emerging properties from citizen consultations by maximizing participation and providing a unique voice to each participant.

Fields of application

Provide a platform to express the voices of different communities and allow them to define a common story.

Fields of application

Identify the common axes or issues that need to be addressed by creating a consensus for the participants.

Fields of application

Benefit from the advantages of co-creation by giving equal weight to each voice expressed when defining a new product or service.

Fields of application

Identify the factors specific to each stakeholder on which to act in order to implement the most relevant intervention levers.

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